If He wanted to, God could have had you born in another country…

He could have had you living in another era, or even in another state. But for some divine reason, He chose you to be alive in this generation! Why?

God makes no mistakes.

He has hand picked each one and placed them within certain parameters with an eternal assignment. We are to change our world for Christ! It was said of David in the Book of Acts 13:36, “David served the purpose of God in his generation.” It must be said of us as well!

Words of New Hope is exactly about that … to help you fulfill the purpose of God in their generation.

Oregon holds a special place in my heart. I came to Christ at Mt. Hood Community College; I attended Eugene Bible College, Northwest Christian College, Lane Community College and the University of Oregon. I worked with Lane County Youth for Christ and I was a youth and teaching pastor at Faith Center in Eugene with Roy Hicks, Jr. My wife Anna and her family are from the Willamette Valley and I have family in Gresham and Southern Oregon.

One of the joys in life is to “give back” rather than to just receive.

There are many precious people who love God in Oregon, and if we can stand together for the sake of the Gospel, we can accomplish the purposes of God in our generation! But it will take all of us working together, reaching out in ever increasing ways, and growing in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Words of New Hope has at its heart, these four objectives:

  1. Training of new and existing leaders.
  2. Planting new churches and strengthening existing ones
  3. Developing resources for Christian growth and leadership
  4. Broadcasting the Gospel through radio and television


Words of New Hope is an outreach of New Hope International, led by Dr. Wayne Cordeiro.